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DJ’s Unisex Barbershop, owned and operated by Fernando Velez, is an all men’s barbershop in the heart of Astoria, Queens. His barbers specialize in the classic cuts that have proven themselves over the decades: pompadours, fades, flattops, contours and other trendy, old and modern-school cuts.

For those who like a more complicated cut, his handpicked and time-tested staff also offer custom styles from the past 5 decades that have become Kustom signatures—the kind you’ll see behind the wheel of a low-rider or atop a stage at a rock concert.

Besides haircuts, they also provide straight razor shaves. For those who have never experienced an old-school shave, here is where your lessons begin on straight razor shaving, super close and clean, along with hot towel shaves.

DJ’s gets people from all walks of life—families, rockers, low-riders, bikers and artists. His barbers pride themselves on a personable approach, dedicated to taking you through a wide range of possibilities such as a contour or undercut.

The shop’s design reflects Fernando’s love of the barbershop tradition with its fifties barbershop chairs. Here is a relaxing, masculine yet family friendly environment—with flat screens in every corner for the game—that maintains a communal atmosphere, bringing back the history of the barbershop as a social hub in the community. DJ’s has been a center of style and socializing for over 10 years. Come relax in a vintage style barbershop that can match and boost your style.

Our History


How many people do you know who have had a burning passion to achieve something at 17 years of age and was able to achieve it? Not many probably. Fernando Velez is one of those lucky people living the life he is meant to live. At 17 he was already cutting his friends’ hair, without charge, because he loved making people confident and happy through one of the most important markers of style—your hair.

His story sounds familiar but is unique. Born in Puebla, Mexico, he moved to New York City in 2005 with his family in search of the American Dream. During high school his family was so poor that he learned to cut his own hair out of fear of his mother’s sense how a young man should wear his style. Shortly after graduating from high school, he attended COOP Tech Barber School. While attending school, he worked in various restaurants, saved his money (the better sense his mom taught him), and decided to become an entrepreneur.

In 2011, Fernando realized his dream and opened DJ’s Unisex Barbershop. This is where he has been keeping close shaves, cuts, fades and contours for his clientele, and for the occasional bro from high school—the ones he saved from their mother’s cuts—they get a break, but not too much of one. Fernando has got to pay the rent.

Now Fernando keeps up a smooth, clean shave attitude in how he manages his shop. He likes to mix business with a good time, too. With three large screen TVs, you can kick back and watch the game while you wait for your cut, or stay a while and catch an extra inning and catch up on the latest rumor. A place to hang your cap or catch up on the neighborhood gossip, DJ’s has become a fixture in the community, a hub for socializing—and a center for learning how—to boost your style, your image,  but not only with a special cut, also with your beard and for those daring enough, your moustache. This is a barbershop for barbers and people who want a place to relax from the world, catch a game and get the best cut you’ve ever had. In Fernando’s words, “I opened up the barber shop because I wanted to create a place with a fun and friendly atmosphere, where customers would want to go to chat, have a coffee, and receive good quality service.”

Our Products


DJ’s doesn’t only give you the look you want, he gives you life lessons on how to maintain that sharp, cool look. If you don’t know the world of pomade, welcome to DJ’s pomade and beard academy.

What is pomade for?

Pomade has its roots in 18th-century Western European aristocracy, but was made popular here in the ‘50s and ‘60s by the first rebels against mainstream culture—think James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause” or Richie Valens, made famous in the film “La Bamba.” Now it is used to style ducktails, pompadours (popular in the 18th century too) and especially the return of the highly popular quiff and slick back looks of the ‘50s. 

Why use pomade?

Its water-based formulas allow your hair to remain healthy, in contrast to gels, which damage your hair by drying it out. Plus, it’s easy to use, washes out easily, and above all it adds a stronger body and texture to your hair.

What’s in it?

Most pomades contain natural oils or waxes—such as coconut oil or lanonlin—and for added health, many companies put herbs and special oils that ensure shine, hold and health to your hair.


Unlike chemical-laden hair spray and hair gels, pomade neither dries out your hair nor lasts a short time. It lasts much longer than the gels and sprays, gives an unmatched sheen and produces a slicker, darker look on your hair, moustache or beard.  And because of its natural wax and its water-based formula, pomade can last through several washings. But it comes off easily with most shampoos, dishwashing liquids, and even common olive oil, and hot water rinses will remove pomade.

Our Brands




Popular from coast to coast, from Los Angeles, California, to Queens, New York City, Suavecito continues its popular national brand, holding firm many slick and Kustom hairstyles.



Water-soluble and made in California, this pomade is never far from today’s serious and discerning barber. Found in many of America’s finest barbershops, Layrite provides a “modern” yet “classic” look every time.

Bona Fide


100% American made, Bone Fide is made in small batches to manage quality. This product is designed with all hair styles without breaking the bank. Like the name suggests, it’s a bona fide product for bona fide look.

Fort Amsterdam Beard Oil


At DJ’s, we also carry Fort Amsterdam Oil (beard oil). Yes, it’s time to groom that man-face. Lady tested and man chosen, this oil keeps the beard healthy and strong, and fresh around the ladies. Made from all natural ingredients here in NYC, Fort Amsterdam is a brand to be trusted.



Gibs is another beard oil for the bearded gentleman who likes a ‘stache or manly mane. Avoid the survivor look when you can go well groomed. Try a suave look.

Meet the Barbers

About Team


A man who understands street kool, kustom styles, and cuts above the rest, Cristian has been here for 3 years and prides himself on understanding his clients and connecting them to who they can be.

About Team


Junior, a native of Columbia, has been here for 3 years. He specializes in the Spanish new school, urban and rural. There’s never a shave too close for this straight shaver.

About Team


Diosa has been in Astoria for 18 years. She offers cuts from a lady’s perspective, the kind that will get -- you guessed it -- the ladies talking. If you’ve not found your style, Diosa has ideas that will help you find who you are, what you want to be, and if you’re nice to her, she’ll give you advice on life.

About Team


Fernando has been a master barber for 12 years in Astoria. He likes the old and new schools that are challenging and unique. Fernando prides himself with his range of Kustom styles—from a clean slick back to the contour—he knows how to customize, or in the lingo of the street, kustomize your look that you envision.

About Team


Andel has been here for 6 years, understands the history and vintage of the old school styles, can talk about all aspects of barbering—its history, its tools and its tradition. Always open for a challenge to barber knowledge, he has never encountered a vintage look he couldn’t match or recreate.

About Team

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